The 2084 by Ria Serebryakova
“The 2084” by Ria Serebryakova

Art expresses how we view the world. This creative human skill illustrates the human imagination highlighting what might be possible. Unlike other art exhibitions, “The 2084” by Ria Serebryakova and her team is presented with a clear purpose. To promote thoughtful action by giving a vision of what may come if we don’t eliminate plastic pollution.

Held on the 10th of December in New York at the Van Der Plas Gallery, “The 2084” was attended by hundreds. Portraying dystopian future, the exhibit draws elements from George Orwell’s book 1984. Through the use of eye-catching art, artists have created confronting images that help participants observe the effects of plastic pollution moving into the future if changes aren’t made. Curations have been fashioned to juxtapose practical uses of plastic with the stark negatives that stem from its pollution. Events and details of this exhibit have been recorded online at for those wishing to seek further information.

Being a talented model, Ria Serebryakova is widely known across the modeling industry, having had previous experience in promoting advertising campaigns having appeared in marketing promotions for Ray-Ban and L’Oreal. Having worked with plenty of other talented actors, Ria has been able to use her social network to bolster awareness. Some of the well-known actors she has worked with include Noah Schnapp and Finn Wolfhard from the hit TV series Stranger Things. Ria has already appeared in famous editorials like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. It is likely that her efforts on this project will enhance her image. Ria herself considers her work on “The 2084” as one of her most defining works.

For it to be effective, reducing plastic pollution and promoting environmental sustainability needs to be adopted by all members of society. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the disadvantages. In today’s society, plastic is all around us. Its use in disposable products means it is commonly discarded only for it to affecting natural environments and the local wildlife. Most recently, microplastics have been found in most of the drinking water, and the volume of plastic is growing every year. The sooner we act, the better.

This exhibit is a fantastic viewing experience, especially for those concerned with the environmental damage caused by plastic pollution and our future. Because of how prevalent this issue is, this project is definitely worth visiting.