Valerie Grand
Valerie Grand

Valerie Grand is the popular Instagram model, also known as @Valerieisaprincess. She is well known for her interest in sharing fashion and lifestyle pictures. On the 28th of May, she took to her page to share her discovery of new emojis. She used one of the emojis in her caption, defined as “too cute.” Perhaps the cute emojis were reasons why her adorable, tiny, white fluffy dog, Coco, was not in the picture.

That was not the only thing the Swiss national had to feed the eyes of her over 132 thousand followers with. As seen in her geotag, the picture was taken from her native country, Geneva, Switzerland. She appears to be standing on the outside of a house’s yard, perhaps where she and her husband reside. At her back was a round table, where she seems to be enjoying the warmness of the day.

More than just enjoying the warmness of the day, perhaps the table may have well just been the rostrum of eating whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fat – as she is an advocate for such clean foods. Her facial expression was absolutely breathtaking. She was halfway winking, with the corner of her mouth being slightly pushed to the back for the camera.

As always, the fashion language is one she speaks fluently along with three other international languages – English, French, and German. Her fashion style and elegance can never be called to question. This young married social influencer was adorning a white crop top. With all the looks of a V-neck cropped top, the design bears an exciting touch with its deep neckline, having extra ties, like ropes, dropping off its front. Now, the radiation of the sun is best noticed in this picture by its reflection on the shoulder of her white top. This completes the feeling of goodness you can always associate her with.

The 24 years old golf lover matched her white dress with a brown skirt. The caramel shade of brown, of her pleated skirt, matches perfectly the mix for her hair and skin color. It gives the look of the ultimate making of a gorgeous personality.

She has her faultless brunette and blonde blend of hair dangling from the back to the right in such an angle you can see her princely face. She also sported a pendant necklace, with her white wristwatch and purple bracelet giving the final royal touches of adornment to her.

While many fans left rows of heart, flame, and heart-eye emojis, among many others, other fans were more eager to comment on her beauty. Some of which says:

“You are very pretty”

“Always beautiful and sparkling.”

“wwww attractive and exciting.”