Have you ever wondered what smoking a cigarette does to your lungs inside? Let us find it out!

A survey report states that around fifteen percent of the US adults and seventeen percent of the UK adults are addicted to the cigarette smoke.

Smoking elevates the chances of the lung cancer development. It is responsible for causing nearly eighty-seven percent of deaths across the world.

When you burn tobacco in any form, it releases more than 4000 different chemicals. Smoking cigarettes affect the lungs drastically and give rise to a cough and emphysema conditions.

The property of the lung to rebound is known as Elastance. It is a medical condition wherein the lungs possess a natural tendency to regain its shape after it undergoes a stretch during inhalation process.

If your elastance level is reduced, it means that your lungs are not in good health. To be more specific, the lungs are diseased due to stiffness. The increased in the levels of the lungs stiffness pressurizes the lungs to drag in more air and hence results in suffocation or abnormal breathing process. A healthy pair of lungs needs a proper ratio of the elastance.

In the cystic fibrosis patients, a PEP valve is found to be effective. It helps to clear away the obstacles that block your airways. The PEP valve is known as the Post expiratory pressure valve. It aids in eliminating the excess lung secretions, gas trapping is mainly reduced, and the lung ventilation is elevated.