Have you witnessed someone in your close circle suffering from the depression? Are they on the antidepressant prescription for a long haul? Well, the reason might be genetic in origin.

A recent study concluded by some of the brilliant scientific minds in London have identified the root cause of the major depression syndrome (MDS). According to their analysis, it is the by-product of the genetic variants. The genetic variants were identified to be forty-four in number.

Further, the researchers convey that each individual is destined to be born with one of the forty-four inbuilt genetic variants responsible for depression.

The research analysis justifies why not every individual who is on the antidepressant prescription able to cope up with his abnormality. It also might pave the way for new research on the alternative forms of medicines to combat the major depression syndrome.

A similar study conducted on the schizophrenic individual highlighted about the genetic origin of the schizophrenic conditions.

The Major Depression Syndrome encircles around fourteen percent of the global population. Although half of the population has recovered through the antidepressant therapy, MDS is still being claimed to contribute to the long-term disability in the community.

A representative of the research team of the King’s College London conveyed, “The new genetic variants discovered have the potential to revitalize depression treatment by opening up avenues for the discovery of new and improved therapies.”

The study conducted was publicized in the journal Nature Genetics. It was concluded on 135,000 patients suffering from the Major Depression Syndrome. They were cross-analyzed with the study done on 344,000 individuals as control species.

Another genius from the King’s College London research team, Cathryn Lewis said, “This study has shed a bright light on the genetic basis of depression, but it is only the first step.”

We wish the entire research team good luck in their future endeavors.