When you’re hiring a lawyer for your case, there are a variety of factors that you need to consider before making your final decision. Being charged with a misdemeanour or serious offence is something that you need to treat with respect. You want to make sure that of all the criminal defence lawyers in Sydney, you are hiring the best one for your case. It doesn’t matter how specific or unique your charge is, you want the best legal defence by your side. As a result, you need to be on the lookout for key qualities and traits when meeting with prospective law firms and practices. Let’s check out some of the really important things you need to remember if you’re ever in need of a criminal defence lawyer in Sydney.



There’s a rule with experience and that is that you need to tread warily. Just because a lawyer has many years of experience doesn’t guarantee that they are the best lawyer for your case. Instead, meet with them in person and discuss the complexities of your matter with them. Give them a chance to demonstrate how their experience has made them one of the most technically proficient criminal solicitors in Sydney.


Don’t go off a website

You should never hire a lawyer based solely off their website or any form of advertising. You shouldn’t hire any professional after just seeing their website in all honesty. Be sure to meet your lawyer in person and judge for yourself whether they can handle your case. A face to face interaction will help you determine whether they are well-versed in their legal knowledge, good at communicating with clarity and understand your specific needs.


Honesty and integrity

As you’re perusing through the various criminal defence lawyers in Sydney, you’ll see a lot of slogans and mantras promising a lot of things. You’ll see things like ‘no win, no fee’, however, you have to be wary of these outlandish claims. Many law firms are competing for work and, as a result, they are going to do everything in their power to build unrealistic optimism in order to secure your case. In essence, you need to be looking for criminal solicitors in Sydney that are honest, transparent and up front with you. You don’t need vague claims and promises. When you’ve been charged with a serious offence, you need honesty and a clear plan. You want the best outcome and being fed unrealistic goals won’t do much in helping you remain focused.


Look for red flags

When meeting with criminal solicitors in Sydney, you need to be on the lookout for red flags or things that could be concerning. A lawyer who is constantly on their phone is not giving your case the adequate attention it needs. Address this with them and if there is no improvement, consider hiring another team of criminal defence lawyers in Sydney. Likewise, be on the lookout for vague invoices or unclear pay structures. When signing a contract, be sure to show it to people you trust, like family or close friends. Shoddy documentation and late arrivals to scheduled meetings are never good signs.


Expertise and knowledge

Of all the criminal defence lawyers in Sydney, the one with the most proficient knowledge and expertise of the legal framework should be near the top of your list. Our laws change quite often, so you want a lawyer that is well-versed, and more importantly, up to date with all current changes. You’ll find that the most efficient criminal defence lawyer in Sydney keeps up with current events and are aware of any legal loopholes that could assist with the outcome of your case.