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Top Agent Magazine knows that technology advances at a rapid clip. Today’s homeowners can enhance their dwellings with smart devices designed to make everyday life easier. Whether it’s smart thermostats and lighting systems or security cameras and smoke detectors, smart tech can bring your home into the future.

How much value does smart technology bring to your home? Does the convenience and ease of use add to a modern residence’s monetary worth? Top Agent Magazine weighs in on the discussion.

Smart Tech Costs vs. Rate of Return

Outfitting your home with new and efficient smart technology does not have to be expensive. For instance, a smart thermostat, which simplifies temperature control significantly, will only set you back a few hundred dollars. Additionally, advanced smart security cameras don’t cost a fortune, and they come with remote monitoring and night vision sensors that enhance protection.

The “return” a homeowner gets from installing these mid-range smart devices is largely intrinsic. And while that is certainly a positive quality, it does not translate easily into a dollar valuation. The presence of smart technology will not sell a common, single-family home by itself. So, aside from whatever cost savings smart tech provides, it does not offer a meaningful return on value.

But Top Agent Magazine says that does not mean smart technology is without worth. Indeed, it can be an attractive lure to prospective home buyers. Smart technology indicates that the previous owners were forward-thinking and committed to modernizing their dwellings.

Drawing Attention to Smart Amenities

The deeper a homeowner goes with smart tech, the likelier they are to attract buyers who value high-end details. And while smart refrigerators, HVAC systems, and home automation hubs may not significantly increase a home’s bottom-line value, they often serve as key selling points to prospective homebuyers.

Millennials and Generation Z clients particularly value smart modifications. When they see smart technology featured in photos on home listings, they get the impression that the homes are move-in ready and thoughtfully designed for modern use.

How to Pitch Smart Home Options

A REALTOR® trying to sell a smart home must remember that, despite its growing popularity, smart home technology is still in the early stages of development. For every listing that boasts a grand range of smart tech, there’s at least one home—and likely more—that does not.

There is also a generational divide at work. Some buyers are unfamiliar with smart technology or do not understand how it can make their lives easier.

Still, if they do their homework, real estate agents can make smart tech a significant and valuable part of their pitch to buyers. Learn what every smart device or system does and how much time, money, and effort it can save homeowners.

A REALTOR® who has a deep understanding of the smart technology revolution has better command and knowledge of their listings—and can craft their sales strategy accordingly.

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