In today’s high-tech era, we can present our products/services to those all over the world, without needing to see them in person. However, we have been faced with a lot of difficulties and challenges as well. Nowadays, attracting attention from people to provide them with the services/products they need has completely changed, compared to the past. People are more likely to use the latest technologies which they can bring into their businesses or in their daily lives at the lowest cost.

How to use technology in sales

To begin with, we can mull over all aspects of the challenges in sales we already have when we want to present any services/products to people or businesses. Some challenges include not having enough time to look into their products or services, or they may not be able to find out enough about the products and services if the business does not update information regularly. This may cause them to face many issues in the near future. They may not recognize the importance of updating facilities and technologies in their business, so what are our duties to make this clearer to them? We should be smartly aware of the importance of using updated technologies in our business and need to be more aware of the necessity of implementing updated technologies. We should draw their attention to what is urgent nowadays for alleviating the risk of damage to their business. This seems to take a long time! But be patient! Thanks to technology and social media platforms, it is really easy to demonstrate all the benefits they can get and the damage that may occur in their jobs! Then we need to notice that in this market with these competitive businesses, how can we be more memorable than the others? We need to consider that we should help people and their businesses to have benefits, not just selling products/services. If it helps, then we can benefit as well. This is a two-way road. Whenever you strictly think about your benefits you will never keep your customers for a long time.

Furthermore, what do we need to present accurately? The answer lies in using social media such as LinkedIn, which we can use in a wide range of videos or articles for presenting our company field to other businesses, by posting real innovation items and trying to inform all businessmen to implement these kinds of technology for their better future in their businesses. We can consider more on social media platforms. Although some of these social media platforms are suitable for certain purposes, the very epitome of which we can use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube for is mainly presenting products. On the other hand, LinkedIn mostly focuses on both services as well as products. We can see that people are more likely to discuss new technology development on social media and that would be more beneficial for getting the post more and more views. Moreover, we can increase the wide circle of connections, hear them regarding their worries and carefully provide the best solutions to try to solve their problems even though they may not need your services. This could be efficacious to be remembered for a long time. (Try to be memorable).

objections we will face in selling either B2C or B2B


There are several objections we will face in selling either B2C or B2B:

Lack of Urgency: This may be an important item: we need to convince customers to know how urgent it is to use our products or services or how their life will be impacted, whether they change their ways or not!

Lack of trust: The first impression is more important than we think, especially once we want to present ourselves via social media! But we should be able to have a strong connection with them by helping them with their difficulties. However, they do not need any products or services that you already sell. This makes them feel friendlier, they may trust you!

 Lack of Budget: financial problems could be one of the most important issues these days! Having great conversation and negotiation would be helpful to provide what they need in their reasonable budget.

Fear of changes: They might reject our solutions since they may not be ready to change. It takes time to convince them. In this case we can provide them with some special videos and encourage them to tell us their ideas!

technology to sell any products


In this article, we discussed the use of technology to sell any products/services, and how we can analyze the challenges and handle these objections smartly. Although these objections can be problematic, they may be easily alleviated by using technology in any businesses.

Anna (Shabnam) Mohammadlou

Author: Anna (Shabnam) Mohammadlou IoT Hardware Designer @ Arshon Technology Inc.