Amer Safaee
Amer Safaee

Amer Safaee is an experienced businessperson form the middle east who has experience in the Information Technology industry. Amer Safaee has a few important tips about IT security that everyone should know about, especially businesses with sensitive data.

1. Make sure software is updated to the latest version

Updates to operating systems and programs are necessary to protect you from viruses and malware. Amer Safaee says that if you don’t have the latest version of something, then it will be vulnerable to new threats that have been developed to infect and compromise your data system. Most programs have an option for automatic updating each time you open them, so ticking this box can make staying up-to-date a lot easier.

2. Don’t leave computers open and unattended

Amer Safaee states that one of the most significant risks to IT security is when computers are left logged in and unattended. This is like leaving the front door of your house open – it could be exploited by a malicious individual. Don’t put your data at risk by leaving a computer out, even for a short time.

3. Don’t keep using the same passwords

While it can make remembering your passwords easier, Amer Safaee says if you use the same one for everything, it also makes hacking your data more manageable. If you have one password compromised, then it means a hacker could access lots of different accounts you own with that same password. There are services out there that allow you to randomly generate and store complex passwords so that you don’t need to remember them and can access them from a master login.

4. Don’t click on suspicious links

Amer Safaee advises that you should be careful of what you click on when browsing the internet and when checking your emails. Plenty of links are able to download viruses to your system, and this is obviously something you want to avoid. Make sure that you only visit reputable websites and mouseover links before clicking on them to see where exactly they take you to. You should be careful of following links posted in comments sections as they may not be safe.

5. Be cautious of public WIFI

While public WIFI can be very convenient and helpful, Amer Safaee warns that it can be a double-edged sword when it comes to IT security. Make sure that you access or use sensitive information while connected to a public WIFI as this may expose you to unwanted consequences.

There you have it, those were 5 tips from experienced IT entrepreneur Amer Safaee on how to stay protected when accessing the internet on your PC.