Jun Yu
Jun Yu

Jun Yu is a renowned entrepreneur who is becoming a driving force in the cybersecurity industry. Arriving in the United States in the mid-90s, he was intrigued with the continuing optimization of technologies to improve how people live. During his time with SaaS company Digital Safe, he began to focus on the intricacies of cybersecurity, and it quickly became apparent to him that data protection is the essential element of all cybersecurity efforts.

Jun identified what he believed to be the most significant challenge confronting the cybersecurity industry: unstructured data, which comprise files that are stored on employee PCs, in OneDrive and on other servers.  Unstructured data are some of the most vulnerable pieces of information that any company or government possesses. Because those data are so difficult to secure, they have become a popular target for cyber-attacks. Jun recognized the issues and opportunities around unstructured data and began establishing the foundation of his company APF Technologies (APF is an acronym for “Always Protect Files”) and on developing effective data protection solutions.

That work led to the introduction of Unstructured Data Shield (UDS), a SaaS solution that protects every file on every device utilized by a company or government entity at rest and in transit, locking down the unstructured data in those files. Every organization receives a custom instance of UDS that works with the cloud provider of their choice and meets specific organizational needs. UDS scales to hundreds of thousands of users and is designed to accommodate as many files that an organization chooses to protect.

After the SolarWinds attack, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) finally realized the importance of unstructured data protection and made it one of the five pillars of the White House’s strategy to shift the U.S. Government toward a cross-agency “zero trust” cybersecurity approach. UDS is the only end to end solution that integrates CISA’s data pillars and truly enables the “zero trust” transition.

The innovative data protection solutions that Jun and the APF Technologies team continue to develop differentiates them from other cybersecurity solutions providers. APF is the only company that addresses the issue of unstructured data with an actionable solution towards “zero trust,” and is becoming an invaluable partner for many organizations around the world.