Alexander James Rodriguez

13-year-old Alexander James Rodriguez charmed Senator Bob Archuleta, and his esteemed guests, with a high energy performance of his latest hit single, “California” over Memorial Day weekend at the Marine Corp Base in Pico Rivera in California.

The 8th grader from Los Angeles, who released his song, “California” to celebrate Governor Newsom’s re-opening of the state, wowed the senators’ special guests which included veterans, the families of fallen heroes, celebrity guests and members of the United States Armed Forces.

“It was such an honor to perform at Senator Bob Archuleta’s Memorial Day Weekend Kickoff and be amongst the veterans who have served our country,” stated Rodriguez. “I was super nervous at first as it’s a real pinch me moment.”

Alexander’s “California” is the modern day State of Calfornia anthem people today can get behind. Lyrically the song describes all the fun things the teen loves to do in the Golden State, and his music video showcases some of California’s tourist hot spot places to visit including famed Venice Beach, Malibu Beach, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Boulevard, the Hollywood Sign, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, and Lake Tahoe.

Watch the music here

The current state anthem, for the past 70 years, is the 1913 song, “I Love You, California”. Perhaps it is time to freshen up the state with teenager’s song, “California” especially with the pandemic behind us and the State of California re-opening this month.

We can think of no better way to celebrate all things California, than Alexander James Rodriguez’s fresh face and high energy pop song.

Alexander James Rodriguez

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