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The turn of the calendar represents a lot of exciting new things. It’s a time to build a promise-filled year ahead based on knowledge gained from the year behind, according to ARC (Association of Related Churches).

There’s much to be said about starting a new year off the right way, as that can help you build momentum to have a successful and happy year ahead. To that point, many churches set aside three weeks every January to instill in people the importance of prayer.

The 21 Days of Prayer is a time when church leaders and members can set aside intentional time to seek God through prayer and put their trust in Him for the days ahead.

Below, ARC (Association of Related Churches) offers tips for participating in this year’s 21 Days of Prayer.

Develop Prayer Habits

Many church-going people know what prayer is. They’ve said many of the most well-known prayers time and time again, whether it be the Tabernacle Prayer, the Prayer of Jabez, or the Lord’s Prayer.

But how many people were actually ever taught how to pray? How many feel lost unless they’re reciting a prayer from someone else?

The 21 Days of Prayer is a great time to learn the different styles of prayer and develop your own prayer habits based on what works for you. Read up on the different approaches, then try some of them out.

Over time, you’ll get into a rhythm with how you want to pray, which will only serve you and help you serve others better, too.

Rely on Prayer Resources

Luckily, there are many resources that can help you along your prayer journey. Church of the Highlands, an ARC Church partner, provides tools such as Targets for God’s Blessing, a Kid’s Prayer Guide, and a Personal Prayer Guide.

All of these resources are meant for pastors and their members to become more comfortable with prayer and to personalize it.

In addition, Chris Hodges, the pastor at Church of the Highlands and a New York Times bestselling author, has written a book called “Pray First.” In it, he shows readers how they can make prayer a first response rather than just a last resort.

Make Prayer a Daily Activity

To grow in prayer and grow the love of and service to God, you must be dedicated to it. The 21 Days of Prayer can be a great jumping-off point.

While it might seem like a considerable effort at first, it will come naturally to you over time.

If you’re struggling with building a life around prayer, partners of ARC (Association of Related Churches) suggest setting aside five to 10 minutes daily for prayer. You can book it into your routine as if it were any other daily task you had to accomplish.

By putting it on your calendar — for a specific time each day that works for you — you’ll be training yourself that it’s time to rest and pray, and at the same time, emphasizing how important it is for you.

So, use the 21 Days of Prayer as an opportunity to better yourself and the members at your ARC church through dedicated and proactive prayer.

About ARC (Association of Related Churches)

ARC (Association of Related Churches) represents a collaborative network comprising independent congregations from various denominations, networks, and backgrounds. Its primary mission is to provide essential support and resources to church planters and pastors, enabling them to effectively share the teachings of Jesus. ARC’s operational approach revolves around empowering and equipping church leaders, fostering the widespread dissemination of the life-changing message of Jesus. Established in 2000, ARC has evolved into a worldwide entity and has played a pivotal role in facilitating the establishment of over 1,000 new churches.