An 82-year-old woman, who was suffering from dementia disease has been miraculously treated. Earlier, she was even unable to recognise her son because of the disease. The woman belongs to Prestwich and named as great Sylvia Hatzer for her great success.

Dementia is a kind of disease that is associated with the loss of memory power or lowering of thinking skill. It also reduces man’s ability to perform everyday chores.

When she got this disease, people attributed it to the aging problem. They were also saying that it can’t be cured but this miracle happened because of significant change in her diet.

Her 50 years old son Mr. Hatzer, who has been living with her mom Mrs. Hatzer since the death of his father and older brother, said her mother’s diagnosis came as a devastating change.

He said, “I was quite young when my father and older brother died in an accident left me and my family in a major crisis”.

When medication started, she responded positively and in just a few days she started recognizing some people and remembering few things but Mr. Hatzer new that it was just a temporary fix.

After seeking advice from the Alzheimer’s society he decided to search some alternative treatments and suddenly noticed that some countries have lower Dementia levels than the United Kingdom.

Getting inspiration from the south European food, he started changing the diet of his mother and he replaced her fatty and sugary food with healthy foods like sweet potatoes, walnuts, leafy green vegetables, and blueberry.

Alongside the new diet, Mr. Hatzer and his group make her socialise and take part in some activities like reading, listening music, crosswords, etc.

After just a few months they saw a big change in her health. Mr. Hatzer said, “I noticed she was more changed, alert and more social.” This is how Mrs. Hatzer has been treated like a miracle.

Because of her great success story of getting cured of the Dementia disease she has now been called to celebrate the party to the Queen’s Garden at Buckingham.