The shrinking sea ice of the Arctic dire the attention of the research team. The Arctic, now witnessing the peak global warming issue.

The researchers are planning to curb the global warming issue permanently in the Arctic zone. The team is about to sprinkle the sparkling sand of the coast upon the North Meadow Lake. The North Meadow Lake is near Utqia─ívik. The aim of the entire project is to prevent the further process of ice sheet melting. The project is named as Ice911.

Ice911 is aimed at proliferating trillions of the minute sand grain particles over the stretch of North Meadow Lake. The stretch of the lake is 19,000 of the ice cover. This layer of the sand grain will function as the reflective layer and protect the underlying ice-sheet from melting further. The stretch of the North Meadow Lake is equivalent to the size of Costa Rica.

The need for the Ice 911 project peaked when Field, an Engineer and a Researcher in the Silicon Valley, was deeply moved by a global concern of Al Gore’s Climatic Change affecting the Arctic was raised. She had spent more than a decade by conducting water sample analysis of the lakes in California and Canada. Now, the testing is being performed in the Tundra region of the Alaskan Arctic. It is located near the research station.

From her location analysis, Field concluded that the Arctic sea ice is withering off. It is happening at a rate, which was never addressed in 1500 years. NASA added the rate as thirteen percent per decade.

The National Snow and Ice Data Center in March reported that the level of Arctic had reached 5.59 sq. Miles. It has been the second lowest peak extent in past 39 years.

As the ice sheet is decreasing more rapidly, it is giving rise to the darker ocean. It further facilitates the ease of the sunrays penetration. It raises the temperature of the entire zone and gears up the further ice melting process. Currently, the Arctic sea is composed of less reflective and the nascent ice.