After stepping on to the Mars, the great brains at the world’s most prominent space center, NASA, are now curious to unveil the Mar’s internal temperature.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is all set to direct its robotic geologist to the red planet. The geologist will dig the red planet several miles below to determine the internal temperature of the Mars. The spacecraft is all ready to get, set and go to the Mars this weekend. It is also engineered to measure the Mars pulse.

Bruce Banerdt, a representative of the NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, conveyed that the spacecraft would assist the scientists to “stare down deep into the planet.” He further added, “Beauty is not just skin deep here.”

The whole project is estimated at one billion U.S. dollar. It is first targeted for studying the Mar’s innards. It will also aid the curious minds to trace back the evolution of the red planet about 4.5 billion years ago.

The red planet Mars, in comparison with our Earth, is less small. While in the context of geology, it is less active than the Earth. As per the suggestion inputs by Banerdt, the Mars has got the fingerprints of its evolution stages. These fingerprints are exciting the nerves of the geniuses at NASA to discover the red planet in more depth.

It is NASA’s first interplanetary mission launched from a place other than the launch center at the Florida Cape Canaveral.

According to the Banerdt, landing on Mars with a spacecraft seems to be a highly challenging task. He further adds,

Approximately the spaceship shall utilize four hundred and twenty seconds to enter, descent and land on the mars.

It will be interesting to wait eagerly for NASA’s next move! We wish a massive success in their Mission to Mars!