The funding will be done jointly by the department of social care, department of health and department for work and pension. These funds will be used to identify the children ‘at risk’ and provide them ‘rapid’ and ‘quick’ access to support and advice.

The money will be spent at various levels, £4.5m will be given to local authority to make plans that will improve the condition for children of alcohol-dependent parents, and £1m will be given for national capacity building by non- governmental organisations. An additional £500,000 had been given last year to expand national helpline for children living with alcoholic parents.

It is expected that the money is going to help an estimate of 200,000 children in the United Kingdom living with the alcoholic parents.

The additional money will give quick access to help and mental health services to the children and their concerned families where there is a dependent drinker, various programmes to get more parents successfully through addiction treatment, and the other intervening programme to reduce the number of children going into the care. These programmes will help in treating the ‘silent victim’ of alcohol-dependent parents.

Jeremy Hunt, health, and the social secretary said that alcoholic parents are abuse for the children, who are being the silent victim of it. Addiction to alcohol is destroying the lives of children. This is not right, not fare.

These steps will definitely ensure support and safety to the children who are being the silent victim of their alcoholic parents.

Steve Brine, has been appointed as a minister for children with alcoholic parents, he would be also playing a role as public health minister. Brine said, “each and Every child deserve happy and decent life which is being ruined by the alcoholic parents. They are being deprived of their basic needs.”

The exposure of children to these kinds of Parents making their life vulnerable to a host of problems both in childhood and in the life ahead. It is high time to protect our children from these things.