The USA has fifty states worth of cities that all have a unique character and charm about them. Sure, there are wild cities proudly encompassing multiple laneways and streets that are spread throughout, looking at you New York. However, there is something intrinsically exciting and irreplaceable about walking through a concentrated mixture of a single diluted street, filled with a city’s worth of fun and frivolity and with the orchestral sounds of thousands of footsteps parading up and down in any direction.

This is not about the towns, this is about the streets themselves, ones that would stand on their own pavement foundations, here are the 5 most exciting ones.

1. Bourbon Street, New Orleans

According to New Orleans Ghost Adventures Tours the city is best known for beignets, jazz, and ghosts through all the streets and alleyways, except for one. The infamous Bourbon Street located in the heart of the French Quarter of the port city. This winding road carries a lot of weight on its shoulders. Being the mecca for Mardi Gras celebrants for decades, the street is littered with bars, clubs and cubbyholes, all doling out a range of fantastical beverages. At night, the street is typically filled with fun and debaucherously questionable behavior with a side of hand grenades.

The street comes to life as you walk down it with multiple levels of each building housing balconies and windows where revelers will routinely let out hoots and hollers to the amusement of the ones below and across the way. It truly is a walk you’re not likely to forget anytime soon.

2. Ocean Drive, Miami

The surf, sun and sizzling good times meet at this famous strip on Miami’s South Beach area. The mixture of cultures and sea-salted air makes for a relaxed and enticingly exciting experience. A lot of bars and restaurants are compacted into this fifteen-block wonder of the world. The experience is essential with the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and a mixture of Latin-American vibes on the other.

The night is bustling with performances on the street, and dance clubs competing for your eardrums, the amount of iconic clubs located on this very street is staggering and the view simply cannot be beaten. As your night winds to a close, you can sashay into one of the adjoining streets for a mellowed finale or night cap at one of the hundreds of small bars that pepper the surroundings.

The street may be short, but it’s built with horsepower.

3. 6th Street, Austin

One of the iconic streets in an already renowned city is bustling with life and weirdness that cannot be replicated by any other street in the country. Located in the heart of Austin’s downtown district, the locals and tourists know 6th street all too well and is a must for anyone looking to let loose in the heart of Texas. Since Austin is a university town, you can bet your bottom dollar that the vibe will always be present on 6th street, no matter which day of the week you choose to take it on.

Split into three sections, East, West and ‘Dirty’, the vibrant strip in the heart of America’s live music capital, will always have a spot for even the most eclectic reveler amongst us. With a number of tattoo parlors and dollar shot establishments, you’ll certainly be having a memory you’ll soon forget.

4. The Strip, Las Vegas

Cheating? Not at all, this is the golden mile of the USA when it comes to a party. The Las Vegas strip is home to some of the most iconic casinos and establishments in the world. Walking down the boulevard is a must for anyone looking for an experience like no other. The cavalcade of weird characters, locals and tourists alike will fuel your desire for another round and another story. There’s no closing times and no chance of knowing the time unless you look up to the sky, it’s a party that will go as long as you do.

These were the quintessential party streets of the USA, there are many more to be found, and we look forward to finding them.