It’s that time, you’re ready to put your home on the market and fetch the best possible price for it. Of course, everyone wants the best possible price for their home, after all, you’d objectively want the most amount of money to utilise after the sale is final.

Turns out, there are a few simple and relatively easy methods to squeezing very last dime from the sale, with a little effort, a small investment, and some crafty placement, you’ll be able to increase the value of your home meteorically.

1. A Bold Garden

Having a unique and bold garden (that’s tended to also) has an incredible selling value. Especially with open houses, having a tidied and incredibly vibrant garden will impress any potential buyer who sees it. Consider going bold and installing a feature piece like an Amish Outdoor Buildings style gazebo or a well-crafted hedge to really bring a fresh and attention-grabbing veneer to your garden.

Pots of fresh flowers and an open feeling will invariably lead to more impressions and a higher yield when the place goes to market. This can also apply to the front yard as well, with curb appeal being a primary driver for a return on investment for a property you’re looking to sell.

2. A New Coat of Paint

The second recommendation for improving the value of your home is of course the aesthetic through the interiors and exteriors. It’s a major aspect to any homes value and a fresher coat will be brighter and bolder than a faded alternative. Consider the atmosphere you’re trying to evoke to a potential purchaser who is having a perusal through the home, with science dictating that a neutral color tone is more attractive to a higher degree of the population.

This is an important point to express as it is also the easiest task to perform from the list and the cheapest way to increase the overall value. With a few gallons of paint and some rolled up sleeves, you could be on your way to seeing a massive upturn in value and ROI, try to focus on the high-traffic areas of the home if you are in a rush to sell or to get on to the market.

3. New and Improved Flooring

One of the trademarks to an easy sell for a home resides on the ground you walk on. Good utilisation of a pristine and attractive floor that complements the interior attracts the eye of a buyer in more ways than you may think. Having an old and worn carpet at the threshold of the front entrance will turn more heads the other way.

While it is a small investment to get new flooring in, the potential value it is able to add when done properly can far outweigh the time and money going into it. This is especially true of more modern homes that have a certain interior aesthetic that is trying to be maintained after a fresh coat of neutral paint. By simply adding some solid wood flooring you’ll notice the stark difference it makes and the brand new air you bring to the home.

4. Kitchen Is King

The most important room in the home that will have a massive weight on the overall value is the kitchen itself. Being the centerpiece of any home, the kitchen is typically the room with the most innovation beset in it and should be treated as such. We’re not suggesting tearing it out and starting from scratch of course, but a few small upgrades here and there, maybe a freshened countertop and some minimalist stylings and it’s shocking how fast the value of a home will skyrocket.

By actively de-cluttering your kitchen space you will also serve to creating a blanker slate for your potential buyers to fill with their own flights of fancy. The simplicity of a well-maintained and orderly kitchen can have a major impact in the long run as well.

In the end, the adage is true, you only get out what you put in. With a little effort, some creative restructuring and a little elbow grease, you can utilize these tools and dramatically increase the value of your home for a fraction of time and cost.