The President of the United States is focusing on privatization of National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Sources say that the Trump’s administration’s latest scheme will prove its worth ass a conspicuously terrible idea.

Jim Bridenstine is the current administrator at NASA. He was entitled to the same in April 2018. Jim was previously a Congress member from Oklahoma. He hails from a different educational background. Jim has pushed the scheme of privatization of the NASA in a recent interview with the Washington Post held concluded this week.

Upon this NASA says, “It will save money by leveraging private industry capacity, innovation, and competitiveness.” Bridenstine’s plan has many oppositions including the Democrats.

The ISS is a space station. It is the most massive human-made object in the entire history of humanity. The ISS is meant to orbit around the Earth. It was built and launched by the co-operative efforts of the NASA, the Russian Space Agency and around thirteen other countries. The launch of the various components of ISS required the thirty-seven space shuttle flights and about five rockets from Russia.

The ISS orbits some two hundred and forty miles above the surface of our Earth. It travels across the Blue Planet in every ninety minutes. Till date, the space station has greeted about two hundred and thirty individuals. Since November 2000; people have been on board.

The Institute for Defense Analysis entirely studied the privatization issue. It concludes, “It is unlikely that a commercially owned and operated space station will be economically viable by 2025” The Institute for Defense Analysis is a research and development center funded by the federal government.