If you are traveling to the United Kingdom, make sure to be aware of the banned medicines. The warning signs come from the desk of the Foreign Office. It alerts the UK travelers to be cautious about medicines they carry with them.

The British holidaymakers could find themselves in great trouble if they are found to carry Vicks, Sudafed, and similar Pharmacy items with them.

It is a strict warning to the UK tourists to check the local laws prevailing at their stay destinations regarding the banned medications. When you look at the traveler’s statistics, you may find that there is a gradual increase in the no. of Brits travelers to places like Sri Lanka and Dubai. Here, at these two places, the common medications readily available at home are banned. Say, for example; Japan has banned the use of Vicks and Sudafed within its frontiers. Both the Vicks and Sudafed contains pseudoephedrine.

On the other hand, Qatar is a widely explored travel hub of the Brits. Qatar has restricted the usage of the OTC drugs without a prescription. OTC drugs are over-the-counter medicines and are generally available as remedies for a cough and cold. When you are planning a trip to Qatar, ensure that you do not carry any OTC drug or else you accompany a prescription for the same.

While you talk about the countries such as Greece, the United Arab Emirates, and certain others have a list of controlled drugs. To list a few controlled medicines that make it to the list are Diazepam, Codeine, and Tramadol.