Rideshare Support

Ridesharing and delivery drivers (like Uber/Lyft drivers and DoorDash) aren’t afforded the same rights and employment standards that conventional employees receive. This is largely because of the nature of the relationship between rideshare/delivery drivers and their “employer”. While rideshare and delivery drivers have a greater level of control over their hours, including how and when they work, they are not provided certain support services. Thankfully, the Rideshare Support has tremendous respect for the rideshare and delivery companies. In fact, they have decided to provide “FREE” support services to rideshare and delivery drivers.

Fortunately, the last four to five years has seen the creation of many apps designed to assist rideshare and delivery drivers with their finances, roadside assistance, mileage and other products. These apps, however, charge fees to the rideshare and delivery drivers who use them. When Rideshare Support provides absolutely 100% free support and exclusive services. Rideshare Support  is the official support app for rideshare and delivery drivers when it comes to supporting drivers. You can download it via Apple Store here or Google Play for Android here.

Not convinced? Well, here’s everything you need to know about Rideshare Support and, more specifically, how they are helping their members.

Their history

For the last four years, Rideshare Support has been aiding thousands of rideshare drivers across Northern California. Through their new and improved innovative and accessible platform, Rideshare Support can provide 24/7 support to drivers, along with rentals, 150+ ridesharesupport auto service centers that provide “Exclusive Savings, Discount & Rates and comprehensive instant roadside assistance.

Their goal

Rideshare Support is governed by several core values. While their services are only available in Northern California currently, their goal is to equip millions of rideshare drivers Uber, DoorDash, Instacart, Amazon and Deliv with an app that will instantly support them whenever they need support. This includes exclusive savings, discounts and rates at over 150+ Auto Service Locations and roadside assistance. It’s all about devising the most current solutions to whatever problems the driver may face during their average working day.

Their services

So, how do Rideshare Support help their members specifically? Well, if you want to sign up for the app, all you need to do is download it off the App Store or Play Store (depending on the operating system on your phone) and then simply make an account. Once that’s done, you are ready to receive some of Rideshare Support’s amazing benefits, such as: You can become a member for FREE! Download the app FOR FREE!

Great UI

If you want a ridesharing app that is easy to use, navigate and understand, then Rideshare Support is the one for you! Current users of the app have commented positively on how streamlined and efficient the app is. In fact, if you are involved in a road accident and need roadside or maybe need exclusive savings for your auto, then you can immediately and promptly ask for assistance via the app. It will instantly direct you to the closest auto repair outlet, while organizing a free local tow (if needed).

Fair financial plans

Moreover, Rideshare Support also offer their members a wide range of flexible financial plans. They’ll cut up to 40% of your roadside service costs, tires and brakes, maintenance , auto repair, auto collision,  ensuring that your financial obligations can be met without crippling your finances.