The HPV Jab is a vaccine for protection against a virus responsible for the formation of cervical cancer. The HPV Jab is routinely administered to the teenage girls in the United Kingdom. An independent review concludes that the administration of the HPV Jab is safe and can combat the virus causing cervical cancer.

The Cochrane group earlier concluded the analysis of the HPV Jab. It laid a robust background for the parents to reassure about the HPV Jab before getting their daughters immunized.

The analysis was derived from a scientific study of twenty-six trials consisting of more than seventy-three thousand girls and the women. Rarely the vaccine concluded in some severe side effects. However, some parents claimed their daughters being ill post the HPV Jab immunization program.

Recently, the trio of European Medicines Agency, The World Health Organization, and the Cochrane group analyzed the evidence and now conclude that the HPV Jab vaccine is safe to be administered

The HPV Vaccine:

It is administered free of cost to the girls in the age range of twelve to eighteen years. The HPV Jab was discovered to prevent the girls from the Human Papilloma Virus. It is a virus-giving rise to the abnormal cellular growth of the Cervix or the neck of the womb. If the abnormal growth is left without proper treatment, it may give rise to a cancerous situation.

The NHS uses a Jab called as Gardasil to prepare the HPV Jab vaccine. It is researched to be protective against the four HPV strains of 16, 18, 06, and 11. Cervical cancer-causing HPV strains are the Types 16 and 18.

The vaccines are administered to the girls before they are mature, i.e., before their stage of being sexually active.

The HPV Jab is a preventive immunization vaccine and hence should be administered before one encounters the HPV.

The NHS restricts the vaccine administration to the women above the age of eighteen years.

The HPV Jab vaccination if succeeds in its mission, will be one of the most significant discoveries of the humanity ever.