The Democratic Republic of Congo marks the onset of the Ebola. The official announcement comes ahead post the evidence of the Ebola outbreak in the northwestern part of the country. Statistics indicate seventeen deaths in past five weeks on account of the viral hemorrhagic fever. The Health Ministry was informed of the fatal cases of viral hemorrhagic fevers. It was reported in the Bikoro town of the Equateur province on May 03, 2018. Five patients were subsequently tested for Ebola. The emailed statement conveyed that two of the five samples tested positive for the Zaire strain.

Earlier, the Ebola outbreak struck the northern Equateur province in the year 2014. It killed about forty-nine people. However, there was no connecting link between the Ebola outbreak in the north of Equateur and the one which occurred in West Africa the same year. The outbreak in West Africa took a toll of nearly eleven thousand lives. The viral disease caused by the Ebola has no cure. It originated in the Congo in 1976, and it derives its name from an eastern river of the Congo.

The current Ebola outbreak is the ninth such incident to knock the doors of Congo. The last Ebola outbreak was in the year 2017. The Health Ministry had earlier reported that there had been no new death reports since May 03, 2018. However, the World Health Organization has demanded more samples to conclude the research.

The WHO is working in coalition with the Congo’s government. The White House in the United States comes up with an announcement to proceed ahead with the request to cut two hundred and fifty-two million dollars in response to Ebola response money. It will be a cost on the United State’s Agency for International Development’s budget.