Get an Insight into the Future of the Immunology Research

Today, who wants to stay alive with the autoimmune diseases? Even those with the autoimmune disorders intends to feel better and live better. Our immune system is known for the identification and attacking the unwelcomed invaders. The unwelcomed invaders mostly include the bacteria and the viruses. However, the immune systems may also play a negative role in some individuals. It may attack the healthy tissues and result in the inflammation, pain, swelling of the membrane and ultimately its damage. In the long run, the attacks may even be detrimental.

Immune-mediated disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, lupus, psoriasis and other related diseases may present many challenges to the researchers trying to find out new treatments for the auto-immune diseases.

What are the advances made in the patient’s care?

While talking about the advances in patient’s care let us have a quick flashback. About thirty decades from now, the patients with the rheumatoid arthritis were given anti-cancer drugs for the treatment. The treatment was based on a mere hypothesis that the anti-cancer drugs would inhibit immune cell replication. As a result of inhibiting the immune cell replication and hence, the expansion of the aberrant immune cells, rheumatoid arthritis would be managed. It proved to be a valid approach, and the drugs were efficient were efficient enough to treat rheumatoid arthritis. However, they also proved to be toxic to the patients.

While we come a decade ahead, about twenty-years back, the realization of the profound effects of the inhibiting single pathways on the immune-mediated diseases was gaining the dire attention of the millions. One of the prime examples is the anti-TNF as well as the introduction of the biologic therapies. The combined action of the anti-TNF and the biologic therapies block the protein functioning and causes the reduction in the inflammation related to the several immune-mediated disorders.

Today, we are just at the start of dream realization about more precise immunomodulation. Our researchers have focused on developing the antibody-drug conjugates as well as the methods of direct administration of the therapeutics to the gastrointestinal tracts. These are the exciting technologies which are targeted at improving the efficacy and the tolerability of the patients. We hope that our researchers dream to prosper the scope of immunology dazzles with vibrant colors.