Viruses are now at the rescue of humanity from the cancers! It comes from the trusted brand of the Johnson & Johnson to invest about one billion U.S. dollars. The official disclosure was made on Monday, i.e., May 07, 2018. The pharmaceutical giant is aiming to seize the company that raises the cancer-killing viruses.

Earlier, in February, Merck had disclosed to seize an Australian company engaged in raising the cancer-killing viruses. These cancer-killing viruses are known as the oncolytic viruses. The Merck, which claimed to take over the Australian oncolytic producing firm, has its headquarters at the Kenilworth in New Jersey. The International Oncolytic Virus Conference of the Oxford, UK greeted 300 people in April 2018. The conference in its early launching period had only sixty attendees. It was back in 2000 that the International Oncolytic Virus Conference was born.

Jean-Simon Diallo says, “They were very small meetings for these crazy people working with viruses.” Jean-Simon Diallo is a research scholar at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute from the department of the molecular biology.

Jean-Simon Diallo gratifies two significant events that keep exciting the nerves of the molecular biologists to contribute to the field of the oncolytic virus. One of them is the approval extended by the United States of the Food and Drug Administration to modify the herpes virus into a beneficiary virus for treating some forms of the Melanoma. The scientific name of the herpes virus is Talimogene laherparepvec. It was the first carcinoma virus to receive the regulatory support for the treatment of Melanoma. The second one comes from a recent animal study, wherein the viruses might be used in conjunction with the checkpoint inhibitors. Upon the collective administration of the duo, it might trigger the immune response against some of the tumors.

Zamarin notes, “whereas oncolytic viruses provoke a much broader immune response that can target cancer in some different ways. That gives us some comfort.” Dmitriy Zamarin hails from the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in the NYC, and he is an oncologist.