Ghazaleh Taalimoghaddam
Ghazaleh Taalimoghaddam

In the vibrant panorama of world music, the Haray Ladies have carved a niche that resonates with the rich tapestry of Iranian folk traditions. Their performance at the International Theatre Festival in Bareilly not only preserved but also rejuvenated Iranian musical heritage

A Musical Mission

Founded on the principles of cultural preservation and innovation, the Haray Ladies emerged as a collective effort to bring Iranian folk music to the global stage. Their music, infused with traditional melodies and contemporary sensibilities, offers a unique listening experience that appeals to both purists and modern audiences alike.

Nastaran Abolhassanzadeh’s Role

As the group leader and founder, Nastaran Abolhassanzadeh has been instrumental in shaping the direction and ethos of the Haray Ladies. With a degree in visual arts and a deep expertise in ethnomusicology, Nastaran brings a multidisciplinary approach to the ensemble’s performances. Her leadership not only guides the musical arrangements but also ensures that each presentation visually and sonically captures the essence of Iranian culture. Under her guidance, the group has flourished, gaining recognition for their authentic and innovative musical expressions.

Ghazaleh’s Role and Artistry

Ghazaleh joined the Haray Ladies in 2016, bringing with her a profound expertise in playing the Dotar, a traditional Iranian two-stringed lute recognized by UNESCO. Her background under the mentorship of Master Mohammad Yeganeh enriched the group’s sound and expanded their musical capabilities.

Ghazaleh Taalimoghaddam

Spotlight on the International Stage

The Haray Ladies’ international debut was nothing short of spectacular. Their appearance at the International Theatre Festival in Bareilly, India, not only showcased their musical talents but also set the stage for future accolades. Ghazaleh’s performance was pivotal, captivating an audience unfamiliar with the nuances of Iranian folk music but eager to embrace its beauty.

The ensemble’s performances go beyond entertainment; they are a dialogue between cultures, a bridge connecting Iran’s artistic past with the global present. Each concert is a narrative woven with strings and song, inviting listeners to explore the depths of Persian folklore through the universal language of music.

As the Haray Ladies continue to tour and record, their mission remains clear: to share the soul of Iran with the world, one note at a time.

Published: February 1, 2018