staying Laughing Comedy

4 years ago, James Gwartney and Amber Miller were going through the same thing everyone else was. Trying to keep their head above water and deal with the isolation and boredom of the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, they didn’t let it get the best of them. Instead, they turned it into a life-changing opportunity that not only made dealing with the boredom of lockdowns much more tolerable, but also gave them the life that most people could only dream of.

This story began in 2020 with a young couple making ends meet as servers, and now, we’re going to take a look at how Stay Laughing Comedy took them to all new heights over the last couple of years.

Posting to TikTok While Working at Applebees

In 2020, James Gwartney and Amber Miller had barely been dating for 2 years, both worked at Applebees, and got sucked into the world of TikTok when the pandemic hit and sent everyone home to wait out the pandemic.

At first, it wasn’t much to write home about. Like most online endeavors, the two were simply posting TikTok videos to combat boredom, and they started building a humble following.

However, their joint sense of humor and knack for raunchy couple’s skits took an explosive turn.

The Last 2 Years Have Been Nothing but Success

For two years, the Stay Laughing Brand slowly grew and resembled most social media channels with mild success. They were pulling in revenue and slowly freeing themselves from the chains of conventional employment. That alone is more success than most social media personalities see throughout their career, but the real jump from average joes to stars would come in 2022.

Reeling in more than enough to leave their Applebees jobs and live comfortably, James and Amber officially registered the Stay Laughing Brand as an LLC and government-recognized business.

The switch obviously started garnering them more revenue from TikTok’s payment system, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Soon, their success and massive following started garnering the attention of companies we all use every day, and the two got the influencer treatment.

Influencer deals, brand agreements, advertising opportunities, and more started becoming a regular part of the Stay Laughing Comedy brand’s business model, and they duo’s income exceeded what most Americans make in decades.

Just from 2022 to the time of this writing, the duo has generated more than $850,000 from social media.

That level of growth is nearly unheard of. From working normal, everyday jobs, to making roughly $425,000 per year leveraging their talents in front of 2.3-million people, that type of growth typically takes years of persistent effort and investment.

Standing as an Example of What Talent and Motivation can Do

Perhaps one of the biggest successes of Stay Laughing Comedy isn’t just the financial gain and freedom the duo has earned, but its impact on those around them.

Not only has Stay Laughing Comedy lightened the hearts of its viewers during hard times and beyond, but they’ve also proven that just a bit of persistence can completely change anyone’s life with the right choices and motivation.

Make sure to tune in to Stay Laughing Comedy (@Staylaughingcomedy) for constant laughs and to watch their success go even further.