SportNOutdoor Inc. has fought its way into the world of sporting goods and has established itself as a major entity along the likes of Dick’s, Bass Pro, Cabela’s and others.  The company was started back in 2016 and has its headquarters in Carrolton, Texas.  It’s a privately owned company and reports having 40 plus employees.

SportNOutdoor won the ‘Best Retailer’ award from Hexa Supply Inc. back in 2018 and received the ‘Best Customer Service’ award in 2017.  In 2020, it was named ‘Best Marketing Retailer’ as well.

Their annual revenue came in at ten million.  The company not only carries products but also delivers and installs sports equipment.  Sporting goods is a massive global market to try and establish oneself in, worth roughly 66 billion dollars in total last year.  It’s a good market to be in though as experts expect the industry to keep growing every year by about four percent.

Tanvir Osman
Tanvir Osman

SportNOutdoor was founded by Tanvir Osman, an outdoor enthusiast with years of experience in the American retail Industry. He is an avid businessman and is well known for turning small stores from local markets into world class retailers with both a strong brick and mortar and online presence.  Mr. Osman’s goal for the company has always been to provide sports enthusiasts everywhere with top quality accessories and equipment.  Not only that but Osman has successfully created a store that goes beyond just products and provides an experience for the customer that involves more than just shopping.

As an outdoor enthusiast, Osman wanted to “inspire people to Adventure out.”  As usual, he started the company with people that have a similar mindset that could see his vision.  He appointed the current CEO, Jonathan Imtiaz, as well as the CFO, David Moffett.  The team has had success in the biking industry with a different start up previous to this.  That company is still pretty young at just seven years of age but the growth they have seen has been staggering.

A privately held company, SportNOutdoor started back in 2016.  The company has always focused on carrying quality brands that can be trusted and recently worked out deals with some major brand names in the industry – most notably, the likes of Metolius, Alps mountaineering, Buck knives, Perfect practice etc.  These are just a few of the 120+ vendors the company stocks products for.  But the company has always been motivated by a desire for exponential growth.

The current CEO Jony said he “would like to see that number doubled in just the next two years or so. I don’t want us to ever be stagnant and to stay on top in this very competitive industry you have to constantly be bringing something new to the table or you just become irrelevant.”  The company has always had a firm grip on who its target audience is and what they want.  Osman attributes this as the reason behind the success the company has had thus far.