Ninjai - The Little Ninja

The human experience has always been identifiable and quantifiable by the stories we choose to tell ourselves. Our heroes and villains have always represented an aspect of the human condition that connects with an intrinsic and deep-seeded aspect of what we value. This comes in many forms; however, the most intriguing and mysterious manifestation of our spiritual exploration is undoubtedly in Ninja movies and tales.

Stranger Than Fiction

The tales of these mysterious warriors have been peppered throughout history and across cultures – beginning in the ancient foundations of Japanese culture, these stoic and disciplined warriors were oftentimes depicted in writings and stories as the shadows themselves, working silently behind the scenes.

It’s certainly an intriguing premise that has seen a number of interpretations throughout time, from beautifully animated perspectives like the Ninjai – The Little Ninja Web Series to the gritty realism of films like Ninja Assassin.

Animation: Ninjai – The Little Ninja

While ninja movies have been crafted since the dawn of movie making, the more intriguing interpretations of the Ninjai legend has been in the animation space. As animation becomes more detailed and nuanced, tall tales and mystical themes have been explored with a greater degree of beauty and intensity.

The show began as the flash animation Ninjai – web series and was immediately beloved by fans of the genre for its intelligent craftsmanship, wildly original animation, and unique exploration of mature themes through its characters and action sequences.

The larger-than-life concepts of mysticism and demon slaying were balanced with the core relationship of the show between Ninjai and Little Bird, bringing the crucial human element to the forefront.

Now in 2022, the show is receiving a new generation of fanfare – with new episodes set to be released online in the coming months. The balance between visceral violence and contemplative silence allows viewers to become entranced with the threaded storylines and character arcs that made the show so appealing in the first place.

According to videos surfacing across the internet, there is not much longer to wait!

Timelessness & Mystique

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how these stories remain so timeless after so many generations and iterations. The black/white dynamic between heroes and villains are not so prevalent in Ninjai: The Little Ninja, which is not dissimilar to life itself. Shades of grey. The true and honest exploration of trying to find a righteous path with stoic reflection is more relevant now than ever before.

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