The first official creepy poster of the horror movie, The Slender Man is already out. Expected to come out tomorrow, The Slender Man movie has been begging for an adaption into the big screen. With a film based on a meme, it’s believed that it’s already heading to the cinemas later in the year. Directed by Sylvain White and created by Surge, this film has films stars such as Jaz Sinclair, Javier Botet, Julia Goldani Telles, and Kevin Chapman.

Although there is no footage yet, if the poster is anything to go by then, it’s expected that the movie will be a real sinister. Although the first sign is not complicated, it quickly passes the message. In the poster, there is a shadow of a terrifying figure behind a wet glass with some unsettling marks and a title written on the sign. While you might be familiar with the movie, this kind of approach works just well. It’s not yet clear whether they will take a similar route with the trailer or not. Since very little has been known about the film, it’s tough to speculate what will happen.

The Slender Man is a tall, terrifying figure with very long arms, black suit, and boldface. It’s believed that he is responsible for the disappearance of countless teens and children. Having started as a creepy meme in 2009, the credit goes for Surge for developing the iconic figure that’s usually depicted as an unnaturally thin man with a fearless and blank face. Although it seems that a lot of interest is there in developing a film about The Slender Man, claiming the ownership and the rights was a bit difficult, the creations for this movie are crowdsourced and don’t originate from a group or an individual.

Famous for creating the movie, Stomp the Yard, Sylvain White moves in here as the leading director of this film which is expected to arrive in the screens on May 18. If you are already used to the Marble Hornets done in the same footage, it will be quite surprising to see if the movie, The Slender Man, takes inspiration from the same kind of approach.

Created for a paranormal photo contest in the forum For Something Awful, this move became famous because of the many violent acts that were committed in its name including the teenage girls that were lured and nearly stabbed in the woods. With its spooky appearances, it will make a good horror film. However, it’s yet to be seen whether Surge’s input will lead to genuinely creepy figure. It still a wait and see kind of a situation.


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