Set to replace Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman is expected to star in the movie Pale Blue Dot, says Variety. This film is based on the story of a successful astronaut who after coming back from mission deviated from her seemingly perfect America dream life. After making headlines with her comments about the lack of director diversity, she is expected to step in for another actor. Currently, in talks, she is scheduled to take the lead role in the drama Pale Blue Dot.

The film centers on a married woman who returns after a mission in the space and immediately begins an affair with her fellow astronaut. Once she lost her connection with her family, she quickly goes into a downward spiral. This is a condition that can affect anyone who spends a lot of time in space. When her fellow astronaut lover starts an affair with a fellow trainee, the bottom drops out. Written by Brian C. Brown and Elliot DiGuiseppi, this script is inspired by a true-life love triangle which woman mission specialists trained to take hostage her rival.

Currently, Natalie is in talks with Fox Searchlight to take the lead role. Should the deal be successful, she will play the leading role. This agreement shows searchlight’s focus to continue producing films even as the division such as Fox Movie Arm intends to acquire Disney. With its dramas Three Billboards Outside and The Shape of Water taking up multiple wins and nominations, the searchlight is currently riding on a wave of success. Nominated for an Oscar in 2016 film Jackie, Portman is expected to perform well.

Contracted to start and produce the film in 2015, Witherspoon decided to leave her roles because of her commitment to Big Little Lies. Although Reese had to depart, she will still serve as one of the producers. In any case, once Portman signs the deal, the company will start looking for the rest of the cast with the aim of rolling the camera this year.

According to Variety, this would mark the return of one of the most significant drama territory for Portman. Although this was not considered as a prestige, based on the fact she will play a lead role, this dram is likely to top the charts. The dramas notion of grappling with reality and sanity is also familiar for Portman. Recently seen in Terrace Malick Song to Song, she will again appear in Alex Garlands, Annihilation. With Natalie Portman on board, everybody is anxiously waiting to see how the movie will turn out.