Sudden deaths due to strokes is not a new concept. American Stroke Association says, “Stroke is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States, but a lack of awareness and resources hinder efforts to change that.”

When a person encounters a stroke, he loses more than one hundred and twenty million brain cells every sixty minutes. In lieu of the usual brain aging, when a person encounters a stroke, his brain ages at the rate of 3.6 years at the rate of every sixty minutes. It, therefore, follows that the sooner you recover from the stroke, more are your chances of the healing process.

Some of the common warning signs and the symptoms of the strokes are inclusive of face drooping, weakness in the arms, difficulty in speech. In addition to these, sudden numbness, trouble vision in either or both the eyes, severe headaches, pain in walking.

The fastest way for the American natives to receive the treatments in the event of a stroke is to ring at 911. When you drive to the hospital, it may cause a delay in immediate care the 911 service provides.

Everyone out of the four-stroke survivor’s witnesses the re-occurrence of the stroke. Preventive care seems to be crucial in case of the second strokes. It is due to the more severe nature of the second stroke encounter than the first one.

The American natives in the age of thirty’s and forty’s are witnessing strokes. The risk of the strokes in the Stroke belt is approximately thirty-four percent in the general community. Stroke belt is a southeastern region of United States. It represents an eleven-state region.

The most vital yet controllable cause of the stroke is the elevated blood pressure. It is estimated that nearly half of the United States adults are victims of the high blood pressure. The number comes out to be one hundred and three million.

Some of the medical risk factors associated with the stroke are inclusive of the obesity, cholesterol, smoking and genetic problems.