Baltimore-based rap artist Only1BamaBoy’s release “Stank Hoe” is going viral with the view counter constantly ticking upwards with no signs of slowing down. The track is getting widespread praise from the artist’s established fanbase as well as an influx of newcomers just discovering his talent for the first time.

“Stank Hoe” is a truly impressive track, with Only1BamaBoy riding the beat the whole way through. The lyrics are genuinely entertaining, with lines like “I’ve been through so much sh*** like a toilet seat” being particularly memorable. Recorded at 4Ten Studios in Pasadena,MD. The vocals and backing beat come out clean.

The video, directed by himself Only1BamaBoy, his manager iAmMoneyMoves, and Starzz is really well produced, with a dynamic array of visuals that keep your eyes glued to the screen with editing and video credit to Maggie Rudisll. Only1BamaBoy’s two pet ducks are featured prominently in the video, giving it a quirky charm, and they’ve quickly become fan favorites.

To say the video is visually interesting feels like an understatement. Whether he’s rapping while getting a fade, while riding a lawnmower, or while holding a duck in the air, Only1BamaBoy’s “Stank Hoe” is dripping with character that makes it as enjoyable to watch as it is to listen to.

Staying true to his country roots (he’s originally from Alabama), Only1BamaBoy’s authentic energy and enthusiasm make it easy for him to look good in front of the camera. He’s genuinely having fun being himself and doing what he loves, all of which bleeds into the performance you see on-screen.

Check out the music video for “Stank Hoe” here.