Nancy Mello
Nancy Mello

As a clairvoyant, psychic medium, and animal intuitive, Nancy Mello does a lot of work with people and animals both in her home state of Connecticut and around the world via the internet. Some of the most impactful and memorable work Nancy has done concerns lost pets or pets with distinct behavioral problems.

With her abilities (that she has had since childhood), Nancy is able to communicate with animals in different capacities. If she visits and gets face-to-face time with an animal, she can get very direct thoughts from them that helps their owners better understand them and what they are feeling. If it is a lost pet, Nancy can gain clues about where the pet is located and how they are feeling, all of which she delivers promptly to the owners so they can go out and find them.

In one particularly memorable case for Nancy, she was able to help locate a lost dog named Oliver in Long Island. From a long distance, Nancy was able to sense that Oliver was underneath a shed down a long dirt road.

Oliver was later found near a shed along a long dirt road, and he was rushed to the vet as he was discovered in the midst of a diabetic coma. Oliver survived the ordeal, and the family was very grateful to Nancy for her assistance.

This is just one of many cases that Nancy has been able to help with regarding animals. Nancy’s ability to sense both the physical location and mindset of an animal proves remarkably useful when they are lost.

A lot of the time, Nancy’s clients come to her when they’re desperate and not making any progress with their search. However, after working with Nancy, they know that they can count on her if they ever need to communicate with their pet again.