Baz Porter

Baz Porter’s new book “Using Trauma to Thrive” is a mix between a self-help guide and memoir of his life experiences that is set to have a profound impact when it releases on 12/12/20. Already renowned as a transformational coach as well as a motivational speaker, Baz is now stepping into the role of an author with a determination to spread his message of hope and unity to a broader audience than ever before.

Baz has structured the book such that his incredible life experiences are recounted along with actionable insights that readers can take and use in their own life. Through reading and understanding Baz’s journey, readers will understand how they can overcome the adversity they face every day in their own lives.

Baz decided to write the book after he realized that he wanted to have something long-lasting that communicated his teachings to a wider audience. During the 8 months it took to write the book, Baz worked hard to create something that was relatable to people while exploring his life experiences.

Baz is hopeful that the book will help show people how to find the courage to be proud of who they are in spite of all the past negative experiences they have had. One of his goals with the book is to teach people that they are incredibly resilient to make it this far and that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, they just need to look up and not down.

Baz is excited for the book to be released so that many more people can benefit from the insights he has developed from his amazing journey.

“Using Trauma to Thrive” is available for pre-order in hardcopy and digital formats and will be released 12/12/120. The book can be pre-ordered here.