A hormone injection, which imitates the gastric band, is being tested for treating the obesity disorders. Trials are being conducted on the same by the great brains of the Imperial College, London. It reportedly found that after being injected with the hormone injection, patient ate thirty percent less than his regular consumption. It was after the hormone injection carried out for a month. Many of the patients were successful in overcoming diabetes too.

The injection patches contain the appetite satiating hormones, which is delivered to the stomach. The stomach feels completely satisfied with the food cravings. It, in turn, reduces the chemical signals that the stomach sends to the brain when it starves for the food. This lowers the unnecessary cravings for the fatty and the sugary foods.

Professor Tricia Tan explained, the satiety hormones imparted the sense of “feel less hungry and stop eating earlier.” Tricia is a diabetic consultant, specialized form the endocrinology and metabolic medicine branch from the Imperial College London.

Professor Sir Steve Bloom conveys, “Obesity has become a tremendous burden on our society. It increases your risk of cancer. Your chances of heart disease and stroke increase with obesity.” Professor Sir Steve Bloom is the lead researcher and the head of diabetes, endocrinology and the metabolism department at the Imperial College London.

A leading newspaper reported that the duo of Professor Tricia Tan and Professor Sir Steve Bloom would be shortly publishing their research paper.

The trail was concluded on a group of twenty individuals. They were subjected to three hormones through a patch and a pump. The study went around for twenty-eight days. There was weight loses between 4lbs and 5lbs. This weight loss figure from the administration of the hormone injection outshines even the weight loss from the surgery.

Currently, in the UK, around fifty-eight percent of the women and sixty-eight percent of men are categorized to be overweight. If the concerned authorities sanction the hormonal injection use, it will undoubtedly prove to be a boon for the millions of the obese people stretched across the globe.