We are going to witness a new astronomical event on July 27. A Blood Moon will be seen in the skies on July 27, 2018. It is being said that the moon will be coated with a tinge of red on this day. There will be a total lunar eclipse on July 27.

What is Blood Moon?

Blood Moon phenomenon marks its presence during an eclipse when our Moon takes up a reddish tinge. This reddish tinge is on account of the change in light filtration process by the red moon.

In the event of a total eclipse, the indirect sunlight which reaches the lunar surface gets filtered off. This filtering process gives rise to a spectrum of light which is violet in appearance. The entire phenomenon is known as the Rayleigh Scattering Process.

In place of the scheduled Blood Moon event of July 27, we have already experienced a Blood Moon on the thirty-first day of January 2018. This phenomenon is known as once in lifetime lunar event and is entitled to be Super Blue Blood Moon. Supermoon phenomenon marks its presence when the full moon appears at its closest distance from the Earth. Due to this alignment, the lunar surface usually appears more significant.

The Blood Moon will signify its presence as the longest eclipse of the entire century. On July 27, the Moon will remain in complete shadow for about one hundred and three minutes. The moon will be consuming about six hours and fourteen minutes to bypass the Earth’s shadow while maintaining its furthest distance from the Earth. This is the reason why the total eclipse will last longer than usual.

Talking from the perspective of United Kingdom, the stargazers won’t be able to see the eclipse at its starting phase. However, the maximum eclipse will be visible at 9.21 pm (BST).