Mac Glitzy
Mac Glitzy

I met up with aspiring artist and pop star Mac Glitzy at an underground show in a grimy warehouse in Los Angeles.

The venue was packed with all kinds of different people from punks and e-girls to queer and other LGBTIA+ associated peoples, all cheering for the glimmering star on stage dressed to the heels in a vibrant e-girl outfit. The 15 minute set of e-girl anthems, emo trap and pop punk vibes and high energy crowds was an intense but amazing spectacle.

Towering above the crowd as the icon that I came here to see, as did many other fans, Mac Glitzy. While the crowd chanted her songs and she leaves the stage, I managed to squeeze in a quick interview between berating fans and excited people asking for selfies.

Standing at 6 foot 1 and dressed in likely the most standout outfit there was Mac Glitzy, a well spoken and articulated queen still panting from the performance. Through my questions about upbringing, performance and her music career, I understood that Mac grew up in an Italian immigrant family and was expected to conform to societal norms. That meant going to church, wearing appropriate clothing and just being normal, however this is not the way that Mac Glitzy wanted to go, and was often chastised for her dress code and way of life. “I have wanted to give up at times in my career, and still to this day I get big No’s when it comes to castings, videos and shoots.

Mac Glitzy

But I won’t give up until I have represented all trans, queer and non-binary individuals in the industry!”. People know all too well the differences and issues that can arise for the LGBTIA+ community, and Mac Glitzy is on a mission to show them that they can make it in this industry, no matter the challenges and discrimination they may face.

Growing up with panic and anxiety, issue which Mac still faces today, she understands the meaning of self worth and mental health in everyday life, and especially in such a cutthroat industry. Finding solace in the music, the community and her fans, Mac Glitzy has rose slowly through the ranks to become a recognized underground figure in Los Angeles.

Fitting in has been a big challenge for a lot of youth who feel like they don’t belong in today’s society, and for Mac Glitzy, she aims to be the shining beacon of light to show the youth of trans, non-binary and queer identification that you don’t have to fit in, and you can make it to the top too!

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