Josette Tkacik
Josette Tkacik

Celebrity business guru Josette Tkacik explains why now is the best time to build your heart led wellness business.
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The pandemic encompassed many different traumas, tragedies and sad endings.  Much of that trauma was squarely on small businesses especially fitness and wellness businesses who were forced to close their doors and attempt virtual classes.  No one will argue that while virtual was a great way to get thru the pandemic, in person classes have an energy and a attraction that the screen cannot embody.

Actress Kimberly Williams Paisley, a huge fan of Josette (Kimberly posted a video of herself doing Josette’s virtual class on her Instagram page) says that Josette’s class was a light in the odd strange year that was Covid.

But now, as business re-open, Josette sees a renaissance happening that could lead to mer heart led business success.

“We are all different after the pandemic.  It would not be prudent to continue business as usual, because clients are different too.  They need more, something deeper, perhaps even a place to heal, to move forward.  I never speak about ‘back to normal’ because after everything we have been thru I do not think we can go back.  We are all moving forward, and for those whose job it is to steward health and wellness, there is a grand opportunity.”

“I teach about building a business based on the greater good, not just the good of one.  I believe that if we are honest, we all went through so much fear and trauma.  How can we, as leaders in the wellness industry show up for our clients that will support that greater need? “

Josette suggests mapping out a deeper profile for business that aims at creating and holding space for people to heal.  “People should feel comfortable to come as they are, without needing to be anyone but themselves.  I think nurturing an authentic expression and giving a genuine experience will not only hold them physically but will also support their mental wellness.”

There are four aspects of wellness, Josette continues.  Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual.  We now have an opportunity to create programs that meet all four of these aspects of wellness.

Josette has taght business strategies for Zumba and has a summer program starting in June.

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