Embracing unity in both style and subject, Nigerian artist and songwriter Rockmann launched his brand new EP ‘One Guitar Hit’, on December 30th, 2021, offering six original, blissfully organic and inspiring songs.

Destiny Abe, known on the scene as Rockmann, brings together music fans of multiple genres with his fearlessly uninhibited approach to creativity and performance.

Stylishly blending the openness and vulnerability of heartfelt writing with colourful soundscapes, infectious rhythms, soulful vocals and a deeply moving degree of purity – Rockmann’s commitment to authenticity shines brightly.

From the opening beauty and depth of ‘Time’, Rockmann delves into the realities of life alongside a clear sense of possibility and warmth. The music uplifts as the lyrics provoke thought in a vastly awakening manner.

Utilising both Country and Rock fragments, with Pop rhythms and the classic embrace of well-crafted melodies, the sound is immediately engaging and consistently memorable. Thoughtful production allows the natural qualities of Rockmann’s sound to reach impressively euphoric peaks, and the lyrics provide a defiant level of oneness and shared humanity that lingers after listening.

Sublime vocals and catchy melodies meet with a refreshing edge of poetic contemplation throughout these six original and influential new tracks. With the sensational ‘Title It’ as the central hit, and the mildly distorted yet energising anticipation of the title-track, the brief yet striking EP makes sure to keep things eclectic yet well-rooted amidst the recognisable tone and integrity of Rockmann.

Releasing through Germany-based independent record label and publishing company Legacy Empire Music Ltd, the new project makes for a boldly creative and beautifully immersive follow-up to the previous and debut EP from June 6th, 2021, ‘Victory to History’. It also progresses on naturally from three highly-acclaimed prior singles; ‘Write Me Off’, ‘True Love’ and ‘Dark N’ Black’. His fourth single ‘Merriment’ emerged November 30th, 2021, and quickly drew interest in the second EP ‘One Guitar Hit’, which followed in December.

Rockmann’s devotion to both purpose and musical precision stands tall, his voice transcends the limits of genre and style, and nowhere do these qualities ring louder than throughout the superb and timeless new project ‘One Guitar Hit’.

Rockmann - One Guitar Hit

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