For those looking for the finest accommodation and travel experiences, look no further than HOLT! With lavish furnishings, picturesque views, and luxurious beds and baths, it would be hard for any traveler to resist.

HOLT – short for Helping Others Live And Travel – is an ambitious and forward-thinking business in the real estate, hospitality, and travel industry that is taking exploration to a new level. They host short-term rental properties in the US, Mexico and Romania, providing luxurious suites that are just sweet. Presenting rooms filled with encapsulating artworks, custom furniture, imported wallpapers and rugs, and modern comforts. Starting off in 2018 by duo Benjamin & Ioana, the pair decided to take a turn with their careers and start HOLT, a global hospitality brand that is dedicated to making incredible moments for those traveling with their friends, family, and loved ones.

Originally, Ben was working in the corporate world at JPMorgan while running a DTC online Italian shoe business. From the get-go, Ben had an entrepreneurial spirit. Ioana wasn’t too different, graduating NYU and immediately opening up a restaurant in the East Village called Rose & Basil. On one Summer afternoon, Ben stopped to help Ioana close her restaurant for the day. Since then, they’ve never stopped working together!

HOLT approaches hospitality from the standpoint of meeting the needs of the next era of travel. Consumers are exploring accommodations beyond hotels, yet still maintain the expectation of hotel-level service. Ben calls it the Amazonification of consumer preferences: you can have anything you want, any any time, anywhere. Rather than resist the gargantuan demands of a growing worldwide traveler base, HOLT would prefer to meet, and exceed, those needs.

Marrying the three industries of real estate development, hospitality, and travel, HOLT is able to blend the desires for larger spaces with the comforts of your home adorned with the finishes of a luxury hotel. While you can’t pop down to the front desk to ask for another towel, and no maid service will start knocking on your door at 8am, you can call, text or email HOLT at any hour of the day and request these services.

With properties in three countries, and operating on most time zones around the world, the HOLT team has been built for maximum coverage and efficiency, with employees working from the comfort of their own homes in the US, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, India, Malaysia, Romania and Spain, currently. This is to ensure that all HOLT team members are well-rested and as happy as they want to make their own guests, so that every HOLT agent can deliver 5 star service, no matter the request.

Reach Benjamin and Ioana and the entire HOLT team at [email protected]

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