Mahdi Pourzaferani
Mahdi Pourzaferani

For programmers and entrepreneurs like Mahdi Pourzaferani, the value of open-source platforms and software have paved the way for a brighter and more adjustable future. One only has to look at the exceedingly popular GTA V modification FiveM to see the true potential that can come from letting players and people contribute and mould an idea in a robustly capable framework.

For Mahdi Pourzaferani, who is also the proprietor of FiveM Store L.L.C, the notion of open sourcing has always gone hand in hand with the roots of the modding community, and in the programming community as a whole. His own journey as a programmer has led him to see firsthand what amazing things can occur as people develop and hone their abilities, which is at the heart of his venture FiveM Store.

So, why is open source so important for the betterment of the community at large?

Read on the find out.

At The Heart Of FiveM Store

FiveM Store - Mahdi Pourzaferani

One of the founding principles of the mod and programming community is one of imaginatively recreating and bettering a given element. Whether that framework resides in an entire game or in a security protocol. Allowing people to adapt and imbue their own perception and personality into the work presented to them is at the heart of FiveM, and indeed in the baseline of Mahdi Pourzaferani’s working career. Delivering the best security measures and FiveM scripts that allow a growing community to band together and express their own creativity is what modding is all about.

Mahdi began his programming career in 2008 where he focused primarily in security and network programming. Building a more eclectic set of skills he proceeded to gain more traction as a design programmer in the ranks of Rockstar Games.

After seeing the wildly imaginative stylings and creations that the modding community was creating, he opened the FiveM Store that allowed modders, gamers, and programmers to congregate and work openly in the spirit of creating more imaginative ways for people to experience their games.

The Necessity Of Open-Source Steppingstones

The reason we are harkening back to the open-source utility is simple, the mod community would not exist without such tools. The bread and butter for so many programmers over the years have been a level access to the latest adaptations and theories therein.

If FiveM was not so openly sourced and community driven, there wouldn’t be nearly as much presence of it in the zeitgeist. Without popularity or a community behind it, we’d have been deprived of the very successful FiveM Store, which would be a true loss to the gaming community.

I’m sure Mahdi Pourzaferani would agree, the future is certainly open-source.

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