John Cardillo Premier Fitness Nutrition

Premier Fitness Nutrition announced that it is rolling out its new  online Intelligent Prescriptive Nutrition™ (IPN™) program. After more than five years in development, with the help of a team that included nutritionists, dietitians and researchers, Premier Fitness Nutrition has developed a nutrition program that is sensible, easy to follow and meets all the requirements of healthy, low-fat eating. Other than a superior nutritious eating program, the goal of the IPN program is to help overweight individuals lose one to two pounds of body fat per week without the discomfort and anxiety that comes with normal dieting.

John Cardillo Premier Fitness Nutrition expert oversaw the project from beginning to end. “Over the years, we’ve had hundreds of requests from people for a nutrition program that would help them lose body fat while increasing lean muscle. We looked in the marketplace to see what was available that we could recommend or partner with in order to offer a complete online service. What we found was that most of the programs were far too low in carbohydrates. Anyone exercising would not do well on low carbs because of the minimal calories from carbohydrates per day. The  nutrition program that I designed with my team had specific macronutrient ratios from the start. The most important was that carbohydrates make up the largest proportion of each meal (at least 50% – closer to the Canada Food Guide recommendation). The other critical aspect was to reduce dietary fats in meals to a minimum for the purpose of keeping calories as low as possible. Protein, our second most important nutrient, was kept at 30% of each meal plan to feed optimum muscle cell repair after high-intensity exercise.”

“Along with the macronutrient ratios (50% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 20% fat), my team was given the following parameters for each meal selection on the IPN menu  that – tastes good, can easily be prepared; can be enjoyed by any size family, and is satisfying, without leaving the individual with the feeling of being on a stringent diet.”

The formula (50% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 20% fat) is based on what John Cardillo Premier Fitness Nutrition expert learned after a lot of experimentation throughout his own career, first as a bodybuilder and then as an avid exerciser. When nutrition programs began popping up in the marketplace in the form of weight loss clinics, vitamin supplement stores and advice-for-fee providers, Cardillo felt it was time to formalize the program that had brought him so much success.

“When it comes to healthy living, nutrition is as important – if not more important – than exercise,” he says. “Today’s obesity epidemic is proof that people in general are not paying attention to the fuel they put into their bodies. Far too many people rely on fast-food restaurants and junk food to keep them going. And most fitness clubs don’t help; they promote exercise, but do little or nothing to provide members with sound information on nutrition, which should go hand in hand with physical activity to create a healthful life balance. Everyone, but especially those who are engaging in a fitness program, need to follow a healthy diet. After all, we are what we eat.”

“This new nutrition system I developed, IPN, is based on safe, easy-to-follow eating principles. It is essentially a blueprint of the successful eating plan I followed when I was competing in bodybuilding and reduced my body fat to 2%. IPN is a day by day plan that is compiled after an individual chooses the foods from the IPN menu guide. The IPN program starts first with the week’s shopping list which outlines what the individual should buy in order to prepare all the meals selected. The IPN program also provides recipes for every meal, cooking tips, a dining-out guide, frequently asked questions, and much more. Starting with day one, each meal is broken down into the food items, the total portion in ounces, and their total composition (calories, carbohydrates, fats and protein). The meals outline the total number of calories and amounts of carbohydrates, fats and protein the individual should eat on that particular day for maximum nutrition value and fat loss. The goal of each meal is to satisfy one’s hunger, maintain level blood sugar, and feed the body’s needs without any calories being transported to fat storage.”

IPN truly is a nutrition program that the whole family can enjoy 365 days a year. Once you understand it, the principles will be the cornerstone that will change the way you grocery shop, how you prepare your foods, the amount you eat at each sitting, how you influence your family’s eating habits – and will reshape the way you think about nutrition forever. Following the IPN program means you will never be on a diet again.

Unlike “celebrity” diets, the IPN system has been designed by fitness and nutrition professionals who understand that quick fixes and drastic eating programs are counterproductive. These professionals know that for a nutrition plan to be successful in the long run, it must be balanced, satisfying and scientifically sound.

Before rolling out the IPN program, it was tested on 12 individuals for periods of eight to 12 weeks, and resulted in significant weight losses. Without exception, each individual lost one to three pounds of body fat per week. In some cases, the weight loss results were greater than anticipated, and the plans had to be adjusted to allow for more food. Calories had to be increased, because in any program, fast drastic weight loss is not desirable. It can lead to the individual having less energy and not being able to exercise intensely, ultimately resulting in a need to break the eating pattern by binging. In fact, the people we used as test subjects reported more energy, less hunger, and were more motivated within three days of being on the program.

For anyone who wants to lose weight, maintain a current weight or learn to prepare nutritious meals for themselves and their families, this system is ideal. Those who follow the IPN program have control over what they eat. For weight loss, by sticking to the prescribed plan, they will lose one to two pounds of fat each week, lower their cholesterol, decrease fluid retention, and lower their blood pressure.

The IPN program is based on five simple nutrition principles:

Determining an individual’s daily Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) helps to establish the nutrition prescription that is right for each person according to his or her daily caloric requirements. Careful consideration is given to each member’s medical and weight loss history, and if there are complications due to obesity, the member’s personal physician is consulted before creating that person’s IPN program.

Each nutrition program is based on a macronutrient composition for each meal of 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 20% fat.

Interval eating is critical to the success of the IPN program. Each member’s daily meal plan sets out the total number of meals to be eaten that day and the quantity of food to be consumed at each meal. An eating schedule that helps to ensure a balanced blood glucose level, avoids extra calories from being stored as body fat. At the same time, it creates a feeling of satiation, therefore minimizing the need for overeating or binging.

Water Intake involves the individual drinking at least 64 ounces of pure spring water every day. Water helps to eliminate toxins from the system, creates a feeling of fullness, and is vital to the make-up of our muscle tissues, bones, brains, organs and blood.

Structured meal planning revolves around the individual’s personal tastes and lifestyle. Each day’s meals are comprised of what the individual chooses from the IPN menu.