Psolkaiyn is an electronic music producer

Psolkaiyn is an electronic music producer who has just released his brand new EP Fail the World. A promising start to his career, the album explores themes of fear and utilises orchestral elements to create a dark and unique tone. Psolkaiyn chats to us about his creative process and teases new music for the near future.

Hi Psolkaiyn, first of all can you introduce yourself?

Hello everybody. I am Psolkaiyn, a music producer specialising in instrumental music. I have always loved reading and storytelling and this inspired me to start creating my own stories through my music. I currently work full time in a warehouse but I hope that in the future, once I have grown my skills more, I will be able to have music as my main profession. For now, although time is limited, I continue to create music when I can.

What kind of music do you make?

I describe the style of music I make as a combination of electronic drum ‘n bass and cinematic orchestra. It also has some metal elements as I grew up with a metal-head father. My music can be pretty spooky and pessimistic. I love experimenting with uncommon song structures and interesting minor keys. I rarely use happy harmonies although I do intersperse them on occasion to give the listeners an unexpected change of pace. If you do this correctly, the darker parts of a song become even more impactful.

How did you get the name Psolkaiyn?

My pseudonym Psolkaiyn is pronounced as “sole-cane”. I chose the unique spelling simply because I think it looks cool. As I mentioned, I love creating stories and I felt that Psolkaiyn was an interesting name to do this under.

What inspired you to get involved in music?

Although I have always loved listening to music, it wasn’t always what I had planned to do with my life. When I was in school, I always thought I would end up becoming some kind of engineer. I had my sights set on something in robotics or the biomedical field. When I graduated high school, however, I started to experiment with writing and music production. It felt like a great way to express my storytelling side and I became even more inspired by the music that I was listening to. I soon decided that it was my true passion in life. The creative process is my favourite thing to experience and it is extremely rewarding to produce a piece of music, no matter how raw or uncut it is initially.

How do you create your music?

My process is fairly simple. I’ll start by creating some sort of musical or rythmic motif. I use a piano, a guitar, a virtual synthesizer, or even just tapping my fingers on a table to get some sort of idea for how to start a piece. It doesn’t have to be particularly detailed or complex at this stage, just an idea for a drum pattern or for a melody.

The next step is to enter it into my DAW (digital audio workstation) LMMS. I don’t do any live recordings at this stage, I use my mouse to draw each note in. Once the melody or chord loop is in, I start searching for sounds and instruments which fit the vibe that I am going for in the song. With these, I then expand the loop I have into a real song. This is a particularly fun part as I can allow my inner storyteller to come out and shape the song. After the song is shaped, I add extra effects like risers and crashes to enhance the mood of the song.

The final stage is to mix and master. Although I am still learning how to do this properly, I enjoy playing around to make certain elements stand out. I am constantly trying to refine this step in the process and hope to have it flawless soon, though I still have some ways to go.

Fail the World

What is the meaning behind your latest album Fail the World?

The main theme of the album is fear and the foreboding feeling of future failure. The looming sense of not knowing what awaits you but knowing that it is coming for you. I was largely inspired by the music that I was listening to and the artists whose styles I admire.

What kind of music inspires you?

There are many artists whose works are highly influential in the making of my music. The first one I can think of is Protostar. His style is so clean and he really knows how to make things punch. He also seems like a great guy which is a bonus. Rule of Two and Righten also come to mind. They each have a similar style of electronic music to me as it is quite cinematic, however theirs are less orchestral than mine. Infected Mushroom are a big influence of mine as their songs are super complex and take a while to work through. I never get bored with them. Vexare, Panda Eyes and Noisia have each also been highly inspiring to me. Vexare is actually responsible for creating my favourite song of all time, The Clockmaker. He’s super underrated and definitely someone to check out if you like my music. All in all, I love the music of each of these inspirational artists and I do hope I have a chance to collaborate with any of them someday!

Do you have any new projects coming up in the future?

In the next few months I do plan to release some more music. I have two songs that are nearly finished and have started several more that look promising. I typically don’t like to release singles, I like to work in small batches of three to nine. However, if I do decide to release singles, you may be able to expect something very soon.

Thank you Psolkaiyn for your time!
Listen to Psolkaiyn’s music here or via YouTube here