Dollas Up Nero
Dollas Up Nero

Do we have to make ourselves miserable to be successful? Most societies have engrained people with the thought that it’s the only sure way of achieving self-sustainability. But, we are never told how to satisfy our lives with all the looming pressures that come with related experiences. Unfortunately, capitalism has made it extremely hard for most of us to achieve a work-life balance because there is always someone ready to use our efforts for their growth. It is a continuous cycle that viciously defines most of our professional endeavors. How can we achieve a work-life balance? Dollas Up Nero recently shared some of his ideologies regarding this matter.

Dollas Up Nero is a rapper and entrepreneur who is doing his best to understand his abilities. Personal development is on his mind, always trying out new things and exploring opportunities that can enrich his life. He admits that juggling different roles in his career has taught him the importance of achieving an equilibrium in everything that defines his existence. For Dollas Up Nero, work, health, family and spirit are essential aspects that have to be protected regardless of any barriers that we might encounter.

An important thing that Dollas Up Nero did early on in his career as a musician was to accept that there is no perfect work-life balance. Initially, he thought that he could have equal hours for his professional ventures and other personal endeavors that gave him a sense of fulfilment. However, he realized that it was best to be realistic because there are times he will have promising opportunities that could not be neglected. At the same time, there are moments that family emergencies would come about, and there was no option but to address them. Dollas Up Nero ensures that he remains fluid by assessing his goals and priorities. He has a definite plan for everything but keeps an open mind that enables him to redirect his needs on any day. This is the basis of his work-life balance analogy.

Dollas Up Nero is an avid believer that creatives should establish boundaries in all their social and professional environments. He usually sets realistic and fair limits on what he will do both at home and work. Thereafter, he communicates his plans with anyone who might be affected by his schedule and expects them to understand his rationale for any decision made. It is all about clarity and avoiding confusion. A work-life balance cannot be achieved if other people are not involved. They are supposed to give you support, and maybe, remind you that you are human with limits that need to be respected.

Creatives should learn to be moderate in order to taste the joys of life in abundance. Dollas Up Nero insists that a work-life balance means making choices and enjoying every decision. It is not entirely about time management but better boundary management, and this is possible!