The need for lead generation in the age of digital has led to the opportunity for new tools to be developed that have proved highly effective for gaining and retaining new customers.

Cyril Gaillard
Cyril Gaillard

Cyril Gaillard is one of the developers of these tools and his quiz generation platform, Fyrebox, has proved one of the most effective new ways to engage customers and generate leads.

Fyrebox provides businesses with the tools needed to create a simple quiz that entertains participants while simultaneously gathering their data for marketing purposes. Quizzes can be used as a survey, as a competition, as a product recommendation tool and more. They offer the participants a certificate upon completion and send their information to a business’ CRM or email marketing software. Once contact information has been delivered to a business, this can be used to reach a target audience in a marketing campaign or simply to gather data on how customers perceive things and how businesses should adjust their strategies accordingly.

Quizzes are becoming one of the most popular and innovative ways of collecting this data as they provide a fun experience for the customer while also delivering the business the valuable information needed for marketing. An interactive tool is one of the best ways to understand customers and develop an idea of their needs. Quizzes can be advertised by businesses on platforms such as Facebook or Google Ads to attract new people and potentially retain them as customers.

Fyrebox has a heavy focus on engagement and improving these levels of engagement in quiz participants is the main goal of founder Cyril Gaillard. The quizzes are designed to be short and sweet as Gaillard notes that he and his team have an acute awareness of the lack of attention span people have when using online mediums.

He continues to develop new ways of keeping people engaged to ensure that the quizzes they undertake are fully completed and can deliver the largest and most valuable amount of customer information possible to businesses.

The need to stay ahead of the competition is constant in the business world and it is unique online tools such as the quizzes on Fyrebox that help many stay ahead of the game.

A clever new way of gathering data and generating leads, online quizzes are one of the most popular new marketing tools among businesses. Cyril Gaillard and the team at Fyrebox continue to innovate this area and provide exceptional results.