A leading cancer conference scheduled for next month will be focusing on ‘Research into Therapy.’ The therapy is predicted to be beneficial enough to save about tens of thousands of lives per annum. It is being said that the gene therapy treatment programs the immune cells of your body to identify and subsequently destroy cancer.

The NHS is concentrating to pioneer the gene therapy for the cancer prevention across the United Kingdom. The treatment is named as the CAR-T therapy. The name is derived as a reference to the cells it customizes.

The Global trial results conducted for the same are scheduled for display at the European Haematological Association conference in the latter half of June. The conference will be held in Stockholm in Sweden. The global trials were conducted on one hundred and eleven terminally ill patients with the blood cancer B-cell lymphoma. Around sixty percent of the enrolled patients showed considerable improvement in their health status a year after they were subjected to the infusion therapy. The infusion therapy customizes the immune or the T-cells to destroy the cancerous cells. Around forty percent of the patients were completely free of their medical condition after a period of about twelve months.

Professor Agamemnon Epenetos says, “These results are remarkable in patients for whom all treatments have failed. This could be a possible cure for some of these. The treatment opens up the possibility of waking up immune cells, to revolutionize cancer treatments for many other forms of cancer in the future.” Professor Agamemnon Epenetos is a leading cancer expert. Epenetos is a visiting professor at the Imperial College in London.

According to Professor Karol Sikora, no other therapy or medical treatment could have helped save the lives of those patients at that devastating stage of cancer in any form.

However, the drug manufacturers have to make the drug affordable if it gets wide acceptance. In the United States itself, the treatment costs about £500,000 per patient.