Christiano Ronaldo in the last match of FIFA World Cup against Uruguay not only lost the chance to get into the quarter-finals but also the dream of the possibility of winning the last World Cup. In an extremely tense match, the 31-year-old Edinson Cavani from Uruguay scored twice (first in the seventh minute and next in the 62nd minute). They made their spot in the quarter-final against France. He, along with his fellow Luis Suarez, strategized well against Portugal and were able t pull them down.

However, the man did not fail to win hearts of his fans with his sweet gesture. Cavani, after his injury in the 74th minute of the match, was seen limping and Ronaldo readily came forward to help him walk off the field. Ronaldo’s madness and determination in the game did not stop him from helping his opponent in the field. He was applauded by the audience for his gentle gesture and his fans cannot stop talking about it on twitter.

Portugal lost the match because of smashing kicks by Cavani but still, Ronaldo came forward to give his shoulder to the injured opponent. He may have lost the match but managed to win love and respect of everyone. His sportsman spirit is worth appreciating.