Afghanistan has majorly Muslim nation and only a small number of Hindus and Sikhs reside in the country. A suicide bomber blew himself into pieces in Jalalabad, a city in the eastern Afghanistan, where President Ashraf Ghani was visiting on Sunday to open a hospital. In the accident, at least nineteen people were killed and twelve were Sikhs and Hindus out of them, confirmed by provincial health director Najibullah Kamawal.

“It is over for us, we are finished, they have massacred us, at least 10 of us,” a man told AFP news. A spokesperson of Ghani told them that the President was “away from danger” and was not in the area. Around twenty people were injured. The tensed family members of the victims waited anxiously at the hospital to hear news of their loved ones.

Avtar Singh Khalsa, the representative of the small Sikh society in Afghanistan, said,”I don’t only want to serve my Sikh and Hindu brothers. I have to be able to serve all the Afghan people, no matter which ethnicity or group they belong to. Our services must reach everyone.” The attack has happened after last month’s brief ceasefire between government forces and the Taliban.