Tracey Petrie
Tracey Petrie

White Cloud Recruitment has been operating since 2019 under the leadership of Change Management recruitment specialist Tracey Petrie. Tracey understands the need to carefully consult with businesses to determine what they need from a change management specialist or team. She then applies her expert knowledge to implement the perfect plan to help the business cope with change effectively.

Tracey Petrie has over 22 years of Recruitment experience working and the past 10 years in Melbourne recruiting Change Management professionals.  In 2019 she decided to take the knowledge she had gained and open her own business, White Cloud Recruitment.  Since its inception, White Cloud Recruitment has rapidly become the go to recruitment agency for Change Management Practioners and Tracey has helped a wide range of clients source their ideal change people.

Changes of all kinds occur within a business.  Whether they are big or small, they have the potential to disrupt the flow of the business or negatively impact its operation. Tracey Petrie knows this and this is why she has developed White Cloud Recruitment.  To ensure on any sized project that change initiatives meet the objectives on time and on budget by increasing the employee adoption and usage.  White Cloud Recruitment works with businesses from a range of industries including Not for Profits, Financial Services, Utilities such as Oil and Gas, Education, Aged Care and much more. Change effects everyone differently and it’s important to have input from a Change Management perspective upfront.

The benefit of having a change plan is that your project will be more likely to be successful. An upfront plan is crucial to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly throughout the entire period of change.

When engaging White Cloud Recruitment, Tracey will consult with her clients on what the project, program or transformation entails.  From this she will evaluate whom is the best fit for her client from an experience and cultural fit perspective.  Tracey’s expert knowledge of the various requirements that potential candidates should fulfil is part of what makes her and her business so successful. She has developed a steadily growing client base that trusts her services implicitly.

Whether your business is in need of a Change Analyst, Change Manager, Head of Change or a Change Consultant to conduct a change audit, it has never been easier to find one with Tracey Petrie of White Cloud Recruitment. Her dedication to client satisfaction is unmatched and her years of experience set her far ahead of others in the field.