Rishabh Dubey
Rishabh Dubey

The world of readers knows him better as ‘Kridious’, but in his candid conversation with us, Rishabh unveiled more than the perception about him as an author and creator to us all. The young writer, who has published five books so far, including three novels, is rising in fame due to his unorthodox approach towards entertaining and entertainment. If you have a look at his social media profiles, the sophistication one would expect from such an author seems absent. Most of the content he shares online has nothing to do with his professional pursuits.

One can see him dance around, create travel memoirs, sing melodious guitar covers of English and Hindi songs, and every once in a while, share his unscripted thoughts on various prevalent and relevant subjects. Nevertheless, his passion for writing and telling stories stays relentless as he has proven by launching two more books this very year. Have a look at the discussion we had with him in a mixed context of his personal and professional attributes.

Tell us about your new books? And how did you come to write them?

I released two books. One is called ‘The Voices of Silence’ and is not just mine alone.

The Voices of Silence

It was compiled by me and my dear friend Vais Siddiqui, who is an excellent visual and written content creator himself. It has various poems and stories by different authors.

We started this initiative to promote the voice of young authors in India, who are (just like I am) hustling through the stages and needs of life and still not losing the resolve to write. We would launch a new volume every year.

The second book I released is called ‘DEV’. It is a novella and is a very quick read.


I was always in awe of the story of the Epic of Ramayana and wanted to explore it with my imagination. When I was sure that I would be able to do justice to it in at least the minimal manner, I took up writing about it. It is a fantasy inspired by the great book and has been written in the glory of the legend of prince Ram, whose stories have inspired and entertained almost every soul in the country since times immemorial.

Writing on such subjects always has a risk attached. How do you think you have avoided hurting any religious sentiments?

Well… It is a fantastical story. It has science fiction elements in it as well. None of the original characters have been named in the book. Yet, I believe that once the reader has turned the last page, they would feel the same glory and joy that one would feel after reading the Valmiki Ramayana. I have taken all measures not to distort the main plotline and have constructed a new story altogether from the point of view of one of the minor characters. It is in fact the minor characters that shape the biggest of stories and that’s the perspective I wished to express.

Are you a religious person?

Being a Hindu, it is quite difficult to answer that question for me without creating ambiguity. One generally associates religion with a God or with Gods. In Hinduism, there was never a streamlining of thought. One might not be aware that there are various schools of thoughts in Hinduism, many of which are atheistic in their principles. I am not a complete heterodox though and love to explore the stories which we have been told. Yet, I would be completely honest and confess that I don’t actually pray to any deity or God. I am agnostic about my beliefs in the almighty yet I respect the faiths and beliefs of everyone.

Where can we buy your books?

All my books are available on Amazon and various other websites. I am looking for distributors and publishers who would willing to expand its reach to physical stores across the globe. I have also collaborated with a print-on-demand service-provider called Pothi to reduce production costs in India.

You can get these books from:

All about your writing. We had a look at your Instagram profile. Firstly, what is the meaning of ‘kridious’? You write it as a pen-name as well.

Now that there is no more escaping from it possible, I am going to publicly reveal that my nickname is ‘Kittu’. We Indians tend to be given hilarious yet warm nick-names. If you take the phrase ‘Kittu Rishabh Dubey’ and make an acronym, you land at ‘Krid’. Being a big-time Star Wars fan since I was a kid, I added the ‘idious’ and created the first fictional character that I ever wrote, Vin-die Kridious . It is like a tribute to the great story that made me pick up science fiction as a genre.

Rishabh Dubey

We saw that you sing and compose music as well. Have you planned to pursue it?

I have some twelve original compositions which I would one day release. I cannot say if that day is near or far. But mostly I just love covering songs on my guitar. Amid lockdown, I have been collaborating with my brother and the fashion brand called Redesyn to entertain the digital audience over Instagram live. I am passionate about music and will definitely pursue it someday. Maybe soon.

Singing aside, we even saw you share dance and fitness videos a bunch of times.

Yes. I am not a great dancer. But I love moving around to the rhythm of songs. My family has always been very inclined towards every form of art and that motivates me to not be afraid in making such videos. In regard of fitness, yes… I am a true believer that a tired mind needs physical exercise and vice versa. There has to be a balance. The videos and pictures I post on Instagram are mostly for entertainment but sometimes I do seek to motivate people in the slightest way I can.

Existential crisis grips the younger generation with the majority battling stress, anxiety and depression. What are your comments on that? How does one choose an alternative route as you have in such times?

Of course, that’s the result of the fast-paced and result-oriented life that we are living right now. All of us do and will feel stressed, and the worst thing people do to us is condescending our mental state by saying things like ‘You cannot even take that much’. That has created a social taboo around depression and people are afraid to share with others that they are not feeling fine, fearing that insults would be hurled their way. In fact, the people throwing insults might also be struggling in their own ways. The only way to battle it is to stay around positive people, commit yourself to positive activities and to never take failure to your heart. Be it your profession, your love, your relations, etcetera, whatever is the cause of your sadness, you must keep battling. No battle is lost till we have breath in our lungs and beat in our heart. Keep living and keep fighting. And never refrain from sharing. One can even share with me. I won’t care if I know you or not and neither would I judge you for anything. I have been through it and I know how important it is to have at least one ear that shall hear you out.

Talking about love, you must be getting a lot from your fans. But what about the other kind of love?

The people who have stuck around and have followed me since my ‘Mangoman’ days… I just love you all too and owe a lot to you. I am highly obliged to them for believing in my words and stories, and being part of my journey so far. For the other kind of love, I’d just say that there can be none who has not experienced it. I have been in love and still am. To everyone I would just say that keep loving and spreading love. Even if it is unrequited love, don’t be sad about it. Just being able to feel this feeling for someone is a gift in itself.

Coming to the end, can you share a few lines from either of the two books?

I wrote a poem highlighting the prevalent patriarchy, which has been published as a part of ‘The Voices of Silence’. The title is ‘The Seven Ages of a Woman’. It is a long poem and the first few lines are as follows…

With Joy amidst the mewling,

The bloodied cloth unfurled.

A sorrow began unspooling,

When she said… ‘It’s a girl’.

It was but their worst fear;

Claimed as ‘Curse of a demon’.

The options were ever clear,

‘Either a Boy… or a Burden…’

Thank You Rishabh! Or should we call you Kittu. We hope and wish the best for your future. And we wish to request each and every one reading this, please go and buy his two books from amazon and also do not forget to follow him on Instagram @kridious.